Rubbies are cute rabits that brings love and kindness to the web3 world.

Why Rubbies?

• We offer private chat for our holders that's going to be with the team, not like other projects the team is going to be active in the private chat including Founder, artists, community manager and admins.

• We also offer for holders weekly giveaways and daily private gaming champions in games of there choice.

• Access to private whitelist giveaways for other projects that we are collabing with. Access to music channel with other Rubbies.

• We also offer for holders whitelist for our upcoming project if its 2.0 or a different project.

• All holders are going to be claiming our discord coin after holders verify holding a NFT of our collection Rubbies which can be exchanged for $MATIC at every weekend, Coin's price is going to be decided according to the floor price before every weekend.

Road Map


• Supply: 5,555

• Chain: Polygon Mainnet

• Public Mint Price: TBA

• WL Mint Price: TBA

• WL Mint Date: TBA

• Public Mint Date: TBA